Install and manage Live Apps for your team

Live Apps are interactive, real-time, collaborative tools you can add directly to your Quip documents. You've got a whole bunch of them built in your Quip site already—calendars, project trackers, and kanban boards just to name a few—but you can find even more of these powerful extensions and third-party integrations over in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Discover new Live Apps in the Salesforce AppExchange

You can start browsing for new apps right from your Quip sidebar. Just click “Apps,” then hit the “Get More Live Apps” button at the bottom of the window. That'll take you over to the Salesforce AppExchange, where all of Quip's Live Apps live.

(You can also use the “Get More Live Apps” link near the top of the window, or the “Get More↗” link in the sidebar. There's no shortage of opportunities for clicking your way to the AppExchange, here.)


Take a look around, and come back often—we're always adding new apps.

When you're ready to try one out, click on an app to get to its full AppExchange listing. Then, from there, click the “Get It Now" button. Screen_Shot_2018-03-23_at_11.50.21_AM.pngNote: you'll want to select Guest to install from the AppExchange without signing into your AppExchange account (with your Salesforce credentials).

To install the app and make it available to everyone at your organization, click the main “Install for <Your Company>” button.

(If you want to test it out a bit before doing that, you can install the app in a sandbox site instead. None of your documents will appear in that testing environment, and only admins will have access to it.)


Manage your organization's Live Apps

You can manage your team's live apps from your site's Admin Console, available under the “Manage Sites and Apps” and "Admin Console":


From the Admin Console, navigate to the Live Apps screen via the sidebar:


 Your Live Apps screen shows all of the Live Apps installed and available to your team:


  • Built-in apps are apps that come pre-loaded in Quip.
  • Your company's apps are apps that your company has developed. You can learn more about building your own apps over in the Quip Live Apps API Guide.
  • Third-party apps are apps developed by other companies or outside developers.

You can change the installation status of any app from its settings cog:

  • Installed apps can be added to documents, edited, and viewed by all members of your team.
  • Uninstalled apps can't be added to documents, but they can still be viewed and edited in whichever documents they currently exist. 
  • Blocked apps can't be added to documents, and _will no longer be viewable or editable_ in the documents where they already exist. (You should consider giving your team a bit of warning before blocking an app, just in case they have content in the app that they need access to.)
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