Why Quip?

Welcome to Quip! We've put together a collection of guides to help you and your team get started with Quip. In this article, you'll learn what Quip is and why it will help you and your team get more work done together.

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Why Quip?

You spend at least 40 hours a week working with your team and you should use software that turns your weekly grind into a weekly slip-n-slide. Say what?

Quip will make those 40 hours more productive, connected, and dare we say it, FUN. Forget about the long nights, time spent clearing your email inbox, or wasteful project status meetings. Quip is modern collaboration software that gets everyone on the same page and gives you the tools to do your best work together. You're going to love it.

Plus...we are real people who care about your workday. We're crazy about making you and your team awesome. We got your back. Come Quip with us!

Not sold yet? (rolls up sleeves) :)

That's okay. Let's dig in! Your average workday is probably full of work about work – time-consuming email threads, searching for that document your coworker sent you, and countless mind-numbing meetings. That means the time you spend actually working isn't so much time at all. You have to work extra hours just to keep your head above water. Sound familiar?

Despite all the extra hours you commit to #getsh*tdone, you and your teammates still ask and answer the same old questions. It's a never-ending cycle.

Email slows you and your team down.

The fact of the matter is that email is NOT collaboration software and it's NOT project management software either. Email is a fairly effective way to communicate with people outside of your everyday work cycles. But using email as a means of working effectively with the people you work closest with everyday is not good enough. Email lacks the intelligence, speed, and functionality to turn work into teamwork. Who wants to show up to work everyday and use tools that are just 'good enough'? Instead, let's use software that, 'kicks butt'.

So why are we still using email to manage everything we do at work??!?!!

That's a good question! Until Quip, tools like email either specialize in Communication or Content, which means that your day will be full of manually coordinating teammates, context switching, and tirelessly searching for something someone sent you at some point recently. Quip blends content and communication helping your team #getsh*tdone in one place where there's always context.

We were tired of feeling this way. We were tired of hearing our colleagues, friends, and family feeling this way too. It was time for a change. 

So we built Quip.

Quip is software that combines content and communication in one simple experience. It gives teams one place to collaborate through documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and chat. With Quip your team is more connected, more productive, and more together. You're seriously going to love it.


1. Quip combines teams, documents, and chat in one seamless experience.

A Quip document isn't something that one person writes and sends to someone else. It's a living document. A single thread that centralizes your team, your work, and your conversations. Quip documents are a medium to run a project together, collaborate on a deliverable, and communicate to make a decision. Quip makes it feel like you're working in the same room as your teammate, even if you're half-way around the world. Everything is in real-time so your work builds momentum and happens faster.

2. Quip has best-in-class native desktop and mobile apps.

We wanted to make Quip an immersive experience where it was easy to work with your team from anywhere and any device. That meant we needed to build kick-ass native apps because web browsers were too limiting. Quip's apps are native, fast as heck, and changes are instantly synched across every device. The Quip desktop app lets you seamlessly transition between online and offline so bad internet connections don't slow you down. It's simple to stay connected and easy to get your work done from anywhere.

3. You'll never send another email to a teammate again.

Quip changes the way teams work by breaking down the barriers that typically separate teams from working transparently, efficiently, and together. Email is the main barrier and with Quip's integrated approach to documents and chat, you'll never have to email a teammate again. So if you're tired of managing your 300 unread email messages everyday or sifting trough long threads to find the right version of your document, then you are going to love Quip. All your work, conversations, and teammates are in one place together.

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