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Most of the time when you're searching for something in Quip, you shouldn't have to think too hard about it. You just start typing into the search field, and thanks to the miracle of autocomplete, you've already found what you're looking for.

Of course, sometimes you've got to dig deeper. Sometimes you're not just searching for a particular document, you're searching for a particular comment in that document. Maybe the only thing you remember about the document is that your boss shared it with you, and it has a checklist in it. Dang, that sounds important. Let's go find it.


Searching for a document, chat, spreadsheet, or folder

This is probably how you'll use search most of the time—to find that document you were working on, or that really smart idea you came up with in...which chat was that?

To search for specific documents, chats, spreadsheets, and folders, just click in the search field at the top left corner of the screen and start typing. (Or, if you're a keyboard shortcut person, hit command-J.)


As you type, Quip will suggest documents whose titles match what you're looking for.

To search deeper in the contents of your Quip documents, click on the option for “ 🔍{your search term}”. You'll be taken to a search results page that includes matches from all the documents, spreadsheets, slides, and chats you have access to.


PRO TIP: You can favorite and unfavorite items from this screen, and you can also right-click on anything to share it, move it, export it, or delete it.

Refining your search results

If you're looking for something particularly specific, or if you need help sorting through all your results, try adding a filter to your search.


These should be fairly self-explanatory, but we're happy to explain them anyway.

  • Modified by: Limits your results to content that's been edited or commented on by the person you choose.
  • Created by: Limits your results to content that's been created by the person you choose.
  • Opened by me: Limits your results to content that's been opened by you within the timeframe you choose.
  • Date created: Limits your results to content that was created within the date range you specify.
  • Include: Limits your results to content of the type you choose. Some of these options warrant further explanation:
    • Older versions: Choose this and your search results will include content that's been previously deleted from documents.
    • Comments: Choose this to search within the comments that have been left on a document. Not to be confused with chats, which are the conversations you have in chatrooms and through direct messages.
    • Folders: Note that some search filters are inapplicable to folder searches, and this option might be grayed out depending on what else you've got going on in this panel.

You can also sort your results by relevancy and date:


Searching within a document or chat

To search within whichever document, chat room, or conversation you're currently looking at, either select “Find...” from the Edit menu, or just hit command-F.


Type what you're looking for, and we'll show you how many times your search term occurs in the document, and highlight each occurrence of the term in the document itself. You can use the up and down arrows in the search field to click through them one-by-one.


Your search isn't limited strictly to the contents of the document itself, by the way. You'll also notice, over in the conversation view, that all the comments featuring your search term have been filtered and highlighted.

Searching for things you don't know the words for, aka “the Recents tab”

Okay, so you've forgotten the title of a document. No big deal, you probably remember some of the text in it, right? No? Nothing? Total blank? Don't worry. There's always a way. The Recents tab might just be that way.


In it, you'll see

  • Everything you've interacted with in Quip
  • When you interacted with it
  • How many people it's shared with

Basically, every document you've ever looked at is somewhere in here. Good luck.

PRO TIP: You can right-click on anything in this drawer to favorite it, unfavorite it, share it, move it, export it, or delete it.


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