Quick Tips on How to Best Work in Quip

Quip works just like you do! Here's a quick, handy guide to help you get started.

How to teamwork

  1. Keep things action-oriented: Always have an executive-like summary or a next steps section at the top of your documents.
  2. Keep formatting simple: Make it easy for anyone on your team to quickly share their new ideas by not over-formatting your documents.
  3. Give quick acknowledgments and kudos: Be sure to interact with the documents that have been shared with you with a simple, yet powerful 👍.
  4. Solicit feedback: Share your documents early and often!

Pro Tip: Use the like button, emojis, /giphy, /sayas to bring fun momentum
Pro Tip 2: Everyone will send a message to all the people in the document!
Ex: “Everyone submit your feedback by Friday”

Finding Things

The term “wayfinding” is used to describe, well, the way people find things. People find things in three ways, and Quip is here to help you no matter your style:

  1. Folders - The most traditional. Have folders for your teams, large projects, cultural initiatives.
  2. Search - For those Google-raised. Our search is great! Make sure to check out our search filters!
  3. Browsing - A little more laid-back? No problem!
    1. Updates Feed - find out all that's happening in your org
    2. All Files > Recent - everything you've accessed, sorted by last visited
    3. All Files > Shared - all documents, chats, spreadsheets, folders that have been shared with you. Right-click for more columns to sort by!

Pro Tip: Find a common nomenclature, even use emojis 🤩 to help you search. That's right, you can SEARCH FOR EMOJIS!

Keeping Organized

  • Pare-down your notifications - for documents you care less about, visit Document > Advanced > Notification Settings
  • Create Homepages for your folders - to describe everything in the folder
  • Clean up your Updates feed - Anything you don't want to see? Right-click and “mute updates”.
  • Pro Tip: You can have private folders, just for you! Simply create a folder, and don't share it! Just add to it! In any document, click Document > Add to folder

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Tips from Superusers

Stop switching between tabs and combine all your work in one place with the @ key. - Jessica, IT

Before a meeting, type @Everyone in the conversation pane asking for agenda topics. - Cristina , Customer Success

Stop emailing people or direct chatting when you have a Quip document. - Christine, Sales

@mention everywhere, all the time. Use them in messages, inline comments, to link, and to unlock key features in documents. - Ryan, Marketer

I can't live without anchor links! They take everyone EXACTLY where they need to go. - Tag, Copy Writer

Add reminders with @date and @mentions to keep your project on track. Make it more fun with an emoji 🎉  - Sam, Sales Enablement

Keyboard shortcuts are my fave -- they make things so much faster! - Rachel, Product Management

Use Quip on your phone and exercise that thumbs up button! - Stephanie, Operations

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