Salesforce Summer '19 Release Quip Updates: Salesforce Admin Guide

Automating Quip processes in Salesforce has become easier than ever with the Salesforce Summer '19 Release. The new Quip functionality available with this release can be found below and builds off functionality made available with the Salesforce Spring '19 release.

Work in Quip without ever leaving the Salesforce platform or any custom Lighting page. Simply embed the Quip Notifications Lightning component on your home page, and never miss a thing.

Setup and User Management Enhancements Productivity-Setup-And-User-Management-Enhancements.png

Make sharing data fast and easy. Connect both platforms to reduce onboarding time and user management, with features like bulk import of Salesforce users into Quip.

Quip for Service Cloud


Resolve cases faster with collaborative case swarming that centralizes your case data and team communications in an integrated, collaborative document experience.

Quip for Sales Cloud


Scale sales strategy with Quip Auto-fill templates. Create and pre-populate new Account Plans, Mutual Success Plans, QBR documents, and more with data from Salesforce.

Automated Salesforce Record Live App with Templates

This functionality extends the Salesforce Record Live App so it can be initialized via the “Create from Template” setup option with a fixed set of fields and a specific record ID.


Setup/Configuration Details

  1. Make sure you have set up the required integrations found in the Salesforce Spring '19 Release Admin Guide
  2. If you have selected the option to use a Template with the Quip Document Lightning component:
    1. Create the source Quip document that you want to be cloned - see this library of examples
    2. On the source Quip document insert a Salesforce Record by typing @SalesforceRecord
    3. Choose the record and fields you would like to appear
      1. note that this does not currently support rich text





End user experience

  • 'Create New Document from Template'
    • The Salesforce code will call the copy-document API.
    • User clicks “Create New Document from Template” 
    • The first SFDC Record live app in the document should initialize to the embedded record


What else should I be aware of?
The Record Type in the template must match the record type for the embedded document (e.g. if the template has a Salesforce Record Live App of type 'case', it won't work on an embedded document that sits on a 'account' record).

In the Quip template document the user has to actively set up the Salesforce Record Live App and point to a specific record. It can be any record (real or dummy) as the data will get replaced with the appropriate data when linked within Salesforce.

What are the known limitations?
With the Summer '19 launch this will only auto-initialize the first Salesforce Record Live App in a template document. See table below for different scenarios and outcomes for multiple Salesforce Record Live Apps.


  Customizable Title for Quip Component

Admins can name the 'Quip Document Component' to appear however it makes the most sense for their end-users.

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