Document Outline in Quip

We get it! Documents can get so long and you may never find what you're looking for again. Don't worry- Quip has launched the Document Outline 2.0, that automatically appears on your documents as soon as you add your headings.

Quip’s document outline scans headings in your document to create a table of contents based on those headings. This will help your team find their way around lengthy documents by summarizing the content structure and providing anchor links to headings.




You'll notice on the right hand side of your document, that you'll see the small blue dot. Simply hovering over the blue dot will expand your document outline. This will allow you to easily navigate your document from anywhere within your doc.


By clicking on the outline itself, you can ensure that it stays visible on your document at all times. This can be helpful when pinpointing particular document elements that are most important to you.


Go ahead and try it out for yourself!

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