Focus Mode in Quip

As you know, Quip is a great place to not only complete your work but also to talk with colleagues about your various projects and responsibilities. In some cases though, reducing the distractions of messages, updates and @mentions can help you to stay on track to get your work done faster. We totally get it! That's why we created Focus Mode.

Focus Mode is a great way to benefit from all the document, spreadsheet and slide functionality that you're used to, while hiding elements of the tool that may cause distractions while you're on a deadline. Focus mode is incredibly easy to turn on!

Check it out here!

In the top right hand corner of documents, spreadsheets and slides in Quip you will see the following:




By hovering over the button with two arrows you will see the small pop-up which says, “Focus Mode”. Simply click it and you'll be in Focus Mode!

Typical Document View: 



Focus Mode View:


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