How to install custom slide templates and colors for your company

Customize Quip for your team! You can put custom slide layouts right into your members' slide picker, making them always available to everyone on your site. You can also set custom company colors for the color pickers in Quip slides. Once you've got things set up (easy!), putting your company's branding into its content is as easy as clicking a button.

Add custom slide layouts

The basic idea is this: Any slide deck in Quip can be turned into slide layouts. Each deck you add will show up a new section of the slide picker, and you can create as many sections as you want. Every slide in the deck you import will be added to the picker, by the way, so make sure there's nothing extraneous (or embarrassing!) in there.

  1. Create a slide deck in Quip that contains all the slides you want to add as a layout. (It can be private or public, doesn't matter)
  2. Copy the deck's URL
  3. Head over to your Admin Console, select Settings and then select the “User Defaults” tab
  4. Click on the “Add Slide Layouts” button
  5. In the modal that pops up...
    • Enter a section name for the slides you're importing
    • Paste the link you copied above
    • Click the “Add Section” button


  1. You'll see the section appear in a list on the main Site Settings page. Voilà


The new slide layouts will immediately available to all users, though they may need to refresh their browser page first.

Update sections

When you add a new section to the Quip slide picker, it's a one-time import. Any changes made to the original deck will not automatically be synced to the layouts in the slide picker. If you do want to update the slide picker layouts based on changes to the original deck, however, just click the down arrow on the list of sections, then select “Refresh Slide Layouts.”

Delete sections

Click on the down arrow in the list of sections on the Site Settings page, then select “Delete.” Note that this won't affect anyone's existing slides, just the layouts that are available in the slide picker.

Set custom colors for slides

With a little help from you, your members can stop hunting for hex codes and easily add the hues your company uses to the color pickers in Quip slides. That means your brand colors can be quickly and easily deployed in the text, shapes, backgrounds, and charts your members create.

  1. Head over to your Admin Console, then select the “User Defaults” tab
  2. Under “Custom Color Palette”, click the “Add Color” button.
  3. Add or change the colors you want. You can have up to 30.
  4. Click “Save Changes.”

The new colors will immediately available to all users, though they may need to refresh their browser page first.


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