Can I add non-Salesforce users to Quip docs?

Yes! We want to make adding users to your docs as simple and fluid as possible. Non-Salesforce users, who have access to Quip, can easily be added to any Quip document you may have already created or those that you are planning to create in the future. Read this article on sharing documents and folders in Quip for a step-by-step guide on how to add users.

Non-Salesforce users can also benefit from the important Salesforce data in Quip docs that they typically wouldn’t have access to. They can see any information shared in the document that could be pulled from Salesforce using the Salesforce Record Live App. However, since they do not have a license of Salesforce, they will neither be able to make edits to the Salesforce data nor pull data from Salesforce into Quip documents themselves. Furthermore, if a Salesforce user does not have access to Quip, they will not be able to view the Quip Document Component nor the Associated Documents sections. At Quip and Salesforce, we have security at the forefront of our minds when deciding what features go into our products and wanted to safeguard the integrity of your Salesforce data by allowing only Salesforce users to edit Salesforce data.

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