Setting Up Your Quip Notification Component in the Utility Bar

This guide will help you to quickly and easily set up the Quip Notification Lightning Component within the Utility Bar in your Salesforce Org.

From anywhere in Salesforce:

  • Click the grey gear symbol in the top right-hand corner


  • Click Setup


  • Search App Manager from the search bar within the Setup Homepage
    • Select App Manager


  • From within Lightning Experience App Manager locate the line with App Name, Sales
    • There will most likely be two - we are looking for App Type, LightningSales because this functionality is supported with the SFDC Lightning Experience


    • Click the dropdown on the far right-hand side
      • Click Edit


  • Navigate to Utility Items and Click it


  • From within Utility Items click, Add Utility Item
    • Search Quip Notifications



    • Click Save
      • Leave all values to their provided default


Now you can receive and manage your Quip notifications from within Salesforce!

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