Unable to save changes troubleshooting guide

Error Message:

“Sorry, we’re having trouble saving all your changes. If this continues to happen, check out our troubleshooting guide."

If you are seeing the following error message, please take the steps in this article in order to get your account in a good state so you are able to save your changes going forward.

Warning:  your recent changes may be lost. If you are able to, please manually copy your changes. If you would like to verify which changes will be lost, you can view your document in web. Any changes you do not see in the web version of the document will be lost if you complete any of the below steps.


1. Create a copy of the document/spreadsheet/slide
    a. Go to the Document menu and select “Copy Document”
    b. Use copied document moving forward and delete the original

2. Sign out and sign back in
    a. Go to profile menu and Sign Out of your account
    b. Sign back in

3. If you continue to experience issues, switch to the web app and contact support to report issue
    a. Please provide which desktop app you are on (Mac or Windows) and its version number


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