When to use Desktop or Browser vs. Mobile

In the vast majority of situations and use cases our users can use all ways to access Quip in order to get their work done. However, on the rarest of occasions users may wish to access Quip from a computer in order to benefit from the entirety of the tool's functionality. First let's check out who, where, when and why of accessing Quip's mobile app!


Going Mobile

Who: Why you of course!

Where: Anywhere! Access Quip mobile in planes, trains and automobiles (as long as you aren't driving). No internet access? No worries! Quip will save your changes and push them out once you're back online.

When: Any time! Mobile is great for our users who are always on the go. Whether you're updating a doc on your way to a meeting, assigning yourself tasks in the middle of the night (please get some sleep) or responding to a chat while out to lunch, Quip mobile has your back.

Why: Quip users choose to use the mobile app because well first off, it's free! Secondly it stays up to speed with their busy lives and supports a majority of Quip users' everyday functions.


When do I need to use my computer?

Inserting Standard Live Apps: The current structure of Quip's Live Apps does not support the ability for mobile users to insert Live Apps. Users can add Live Apps to their documents and make updates to them from mobile. This is a great option for those who are looking to update their progress for a given project or task.

Inserting Salesforce Live Apps: Like inserting Standard Live Apps, Quip users should add the Salesforce Record, Salesforce List and Salesforce Report Live Apps while accessing Quip from a computer.

Editing Salesforce Data: When users are looking to make important edits and changes to Salesforce data in Quip, they should navigate to either the browser or desktop app version of Quip. 

Commenting on Salesforce List Live App: Currently the Salesforce List Live App does not support mobile commenting. If users wish to comment on a particular element of this Live App they should do so from a computer.

Creating Slides: Users intending to create slides in Quip will need to do so from their computer. Due to the precision and calculation required to create a slide deck, users should do this from either the browser or desktop app.

Editing Slides: Currently users are not able to edit slides from the mobile app. These types of edits are far better suited for a computer.

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