Message forwarding

Messages can be forwarded from one conversation (a message in a chat, conversation pane, or comment) to another chat or multiple other chats. Note: You can’t forward to a comment or conversation pane but you can forward from a comment or a conversation pane.

To forward a chat:

  • Click the More Options button to pull the message options and select Forward Message.


  • Next, type in the recipient(s) name in the Find a person or group chat field.
  • In the text box above, you can add an optional comment along with the forwarded message.
  • To forward the message to the recipient(s), click Send.


If the viewer of the forwarded message has access to the source message, they can see where the original chat came from and the text will be in blue. The blue text can be clicked to view the source thread.


However, if they do not have access to the source message, they can see who the message was forwarded from (in grey), but not where it was forwarded from. The viewer will not be able to click to view the source message.


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