How to use Emojis, GIFs & Stickers in messages

This article will help you learn how to make your chats, comments and conversations fun and quirky by using Emojis, GIFs and Stickers.

Emoji, GIFs & Stickers

Whether you are in a chat, comment or conversation pane you can add emoji, GIFs and stickers to your message. Click the Reaction button to open the Emoji, GIFs and Stickers keyboard. Click on the reaction that fits the conversations and Send.


You can also use an emoji to react to a message. Read Reactions in Messages to learn more.


At Quip, we love having fun with GIFs. Want to reference your favorite TV series? Easy!

Click on the Reactions button, then the GIFs tab and use the search bar to find the perfect GIF.



Using stickers can make your conversations more vibrant and quirky! Click on the Reactions button, then the Stickers tab and use the search bar to find access you a variety of stickers.


Check out What is a slash command and how do they work? for information on using the Slash Commands in messaging.

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