Rich Opportunity Notes

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The most successful sales reps set goals for each customer meeting, communicate value regularly and keep organized notes about every conversation. When reps have to use 3 or 4 different tools to manage their opportunities, this concept becomes far fetched. Sales reps know the importance of capturing this important information from meetings and that’s why they’re resorting to jotting down their notes on any surface they can find like, laptops, notepads, text, emails or the back of their hand if they have to. The complexity of this situation is magnified when multiple people are involved in the deal process. These silos of data kill deals and weaken relationships. Does this sound familiar to you? By using Quip as your dedicated space for opportunity notes your reps can centralize these critical notes within Salesforce so everyone who touches the deal can be on the same page.

Align your entire team

Rich opportunity notes provide your team with a dedicated space inside of Salesforce to work together to communicate, strategize and share important notes relating to their opportunities. This document is intended to be fluid enough to match your current selling motion while mirroring the ideal process as is laid out by your organization. This is achieved through the use of templates. By utilizing templates, there is no learning curve, no adjustment period when working with new reps or handing a won opportunity over to post-sales care. If you’re looking for a head start on a template, download Quip’s Rich Opportunity Notes template.

Log calls directly from your notes

Quip is here to make your life easier. By using Quip’s Log a Call functionality, you can log calls directly on your contacts, accounts, leads, etc. This way you’re always capturing your important call notes within Salesforce. Forget about having to copy and paste your notes, losing your formatting and filling in the missing pieces. With Quip you can simply just highlight your notes, click Log a Call, identify the specific record and save. By logging a call from the context of your notes, you have not only just saved time but shared that critical information with the rest of your team in Salesforce.




Intuitive opportunity updating

A rep who is taking important notes during a call shouldn’t have to open an entirely separate window or program to enter those notes into CRM. By using Quip documents, reps can guarantee opportunities stay updated with any relevant changes. How might reps accomplish this? You guessed it, by pulling real-time Salesforce data into their Quip documents. Using either the Salesforce Record or Salesforce List live app will grant reps the ability to update their opportunities in real-time, so no matter who is look at an opportunity or where they’re viewing that information, they can guarantee it is always up to date.




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