Quip for Customer 360 - What's Next?


Well, you made it! You’ve finished the Customer 360 Learning Path. So, what’s next?

That last thing we’d want is for you to learn all this valuable info, and not know where to go from here! So here’s a suggested path forward to help you continue on your journey to mastering Quip for Customer 360.


We have plenty of live and on-demand training available. For Quip for Customer 360, we have training for both end users and admins alike. Sign up for the one that’s right for you!


Quip for Customer 360: The Foundations

Quip and Salesforce go together like milk and cookies; you can’t truly experience the best of one without the complement of the other. In this 30 minute session, you will learn how to expertly navigate through Quip in your instance of Salesforce.



Looking for Admin Training? Check out our Quip for Customer 360 Admin Path!


Ask a Quip Expert: Office Hours

Ever wanted to chat directly with a Quip product expert? You’re in luck. Come pick our brains in Quip Office Hours! This session is dedicated to answering questions, sharing best practices, and offering additional resources.

This time is for you! Come with questions about Quip, Quip for Customer 360, or anything specific to your team’s use cases.



If you feel ready to take your Sales teams to the next level with Quip for Customer 360, this is for you!

This multi-article guide includes the best practices that Quip for Customer 360 customers are currently implementing to increase productivity and transparency within their sales teams.

Quip for Sales Best Practices



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